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Classes x Bonus

Defynia is a fantasy MMORPG that offers players a variety of character classes to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Bonus Table

Classes Graphic

ClassStaminaMagicMagic ResistanceStrengthResistanceDexterityFistClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingDaggerFishingMiningLumberjackingCookingAlchemyBlacksmithingFarming
  • Warrior: Focused on physical combat, the Warrior excels in Stamina, Strength, Sword, and Shielding. They struggle with Magic, Distance, and Alchemy, making them less effective in those areas.

  • Berserker: The Berserker is a high damage-dealing class with strong Stamina and Strength. They have weaknesses in Magic and Distance, fitting their role as aggressive melee fighters. Their increased bonuses in Fist, Club, and Axe make them versatile in close-range combat.

  • Druid: With a strong emphasis on Magic, Magic Resistance, and support skills like Fishing, Cooking, and Alchemy, the Druid has weaknesses in physical combat. They are versatile spellcasters with healing and support abilities.

  • Sorcerer: The Sorcerer is a pure spellcaster with a strong focus on Magic and Distance, while also having decent bonuses in Dexterity and Cooking. They struggle in physical combat, with weaknesses in Stamina, Strength, Resistance, and Shielding.

  • Rogue: Skilled in Dexterity and stealth, the Rogue excels in close-range combat with bonuses in Sword, Distance, Shielding, and Dagger. They are versatile and can adapt to various combat situations, with slight weaknesses in Magic and Alchemy.

  • Hunter: The Hunter is a ranged specialist, with a focus on Dexterity, Resistance, Distance, and Fishing. They have balanced bonuses in Stamina, Magic, and several combat skills, making them versatile in both physical and magical combat.

Good Race x Class Combos

Dwarf Warrior

  • Synergy: Dwarves have high bonuses in Strength and Resistance, which align well with the Warrior's requirements for physical strength and durability. The Warrior's focus on combat is well-supported by the Dwarf's natural affinities, including bonuses in Blacksmithing and Mining.

Elf Druid

  • Synergy: Elves' bonus in Magic and significant boosts in Alchemy and Farming complement the Druid class, which benefits from magical prowess and a connection to nature. This combination enhances the Druid's spellcasting and potion-making capabilities.

Minotaur Berserker

  • Synergy: Minotaurs' exceptional Strength and Resistance bonuses match the Berserker's need for brute force and resilience in battle. The Minotaur's physical dominance makes it a formidable Berserker, leveraging raw power in combat.

Orc Rogue

  • Synergy: Orcs have a good balance of Strength and Resistance with a slight Dexterity penalty, which can be mitigated by the Rogue's agility. This combination creates a versatile character capable of both strength-based and agility-based combat strategies.

Human Hunter

  • Synergy: Humans' neutral attribute bonuses make them adaptable to any class. For Hunters, this neutrality allows for focusing on the class's strengths, such as ranged combat and tracking, without racial attribute biases influencing the character's development.