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Races x Bonus


RaceStaminaMagicMagic ResistanceStrengthResistanceDexterityFirstClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingDaggerFishingMiningLumberjackingCookingAlchemyBlacksmithingFarming


Humans are the native inhabitants of Ilya Island, and the most common race in Defynia. They are known for their adaptability and resilience, and have managed to survive and thrive despite the challenges posed by the orc invasion and the dangers of Rivenn.

They have no bonuses or penalties to any skills or attributes, making them a neutral choice that can be customized to fit any playstyle.


The dwarfs are a sturdy and hardworking people, who live in the underground city of IronForge in the south-west of Ilya. They are skilled craftsmen, and are renowned for their ability to forge powerful weapons and armor. The dwarfs are also fiercely independent, and do not welcome outsiders into their mines.

Dwarves have high stamina, strength, and resistance, making them tough and hardy warriors. They also have a bonus to mining and lumberjacking skills, which can make them useful for gathering resources. However, they have low magic and dexterity, which can make them vulnerable to magical and ranged attacks.


The elves are a long-lived and intelligent race, known for their wisdom and magical abilities. They are native to the forests of Ilya, and live in harmony with nature. The elves are cautious and reserved, and do not easily trust outsiders.

Elves have high magic and dexterity, making them well-suited for casting spells and using ranged weapons. They also have bonuses to distance fighting, cooking, and alchemy skills, which can make them versatile and useful for support roles. However, they have low strength and resistance, which can make them vulnerable in close combat.


The orcs are a brutal and savage race, feared and hated by all who know of them. They are native to the orc fortress in the south-east of Ilya, and seek to enslave and plunder the island's inhabitants. The orcs are led by a powerful warlord, who commands his army with an iron fist.

Orcs have high strength and magic resistance, making them well-suited for melee combat and resisting magical attacks. However, they have low dexterity and shielding, which can make them vulnerable to ranged attacks.


The minotaurs are a race of powerful and majestic creatures, known for their strength and ferocity. They are native to Asterion's island, and are feared by the villagers of Ilya for their savage nature. The minotaurs are also said to be skilled warriors, and are feared by those who venture into their territory.

Minotaurs have high stamina, strength, and resistance, making them formidable warriors. They also have bonuses to axe and club skills, which can make them useful for melee combat. However, they have low magic and dexterity, which can make them vulnerable to magical and ranged attacks.

Good Race x Class Combos

Dwarf Warrior

  • Synergy: Dwarves have high bonuses in Strength and Resistance, which align well with the Warrior's requirements for physical strength and durability. The Warrior's focus on combat is well-supported by the Dwarf's natural affinities, including bonuses in Blacksmithing and Mining.

Elf Druid

  • Synergy: Elves' bonus in Magic and significant boosts in Alchemy and Farming complement the Druid class, which benefits from magical prowess and a connection to nature. This combination enhances the Druid's spellcasting and potion-making capabilities.

Minotaur Berserker

  • Synergy: Minotaurs' exceptional Strength and Resistance bonuses match the Berserker's need for brute force and resilience in battle. The Minotaur's physical dominance makes it a formidable Berserker, leveraging raw power in combat.

Orc Rogue

  • Synergy: Orcs have a good balance of Strength and Resistance with a slight Dexterity penalty, which can be mitigated by the Rogue's agility. This combination creates a versatile character capable of both strength-based and agility-based combat strategies.

Human Hunter

  • Synergy: Humans' neutral attribute bonuses make them adaptable to any class. For Hunters, this neutrality allows for focusing on the class's strengths, such as ranged combat and tracking, without racial attribute biases influencing the character's development.